Stepmom Feeds Boy Laxatives And Pours Hot Sauce Down His Throat Out Of Jealousy

Danielle Duke, from Pennsylvania, has been accused of severely abusing her 4-year old stepson and the court paperwork indicates that the abuse has been happening for several months. A concerned individual contacted the police after seeing Danielle Duke physically, verbally, and psychologically abuse the boy – on a daily basis for approximately three months.step momImage Credit: Facebook / Danielle DukeThe boy’s father, Nathan Duke, did nothing to stop the abuse. Police started their investigation after being shown pictures of the little boy with bruises, cuts, burns, and redness on his entire body.

step momImage Credit: Facebook / Danielle DukeThe woman who alerted authorities said Duke was verbally and physically abusive to the boy every day.step momImage Credit: Facebook / Danielle DukeShe said that she saw Duke feeding the boy laxatives and pouring hot sauce in his mouth. She then refused to give him any water for up to 15 minutes at a time.step momDuke also played a game called “playing mermaid” with the boy which meant she would wrap his legs with duct tape and a sheet – and then leave him like that for hours at a time.step momImage Credit: Facebook / Danielle DukeIn the complaint, the police wrote that Duke would often yell things like “I’m gonna kick your a—,“ and “You nasty a—hole at the four-year-old.step momImage Credit: Facebook / Danielle DukeThe boy’s father reportedly stood by and let this abuse happen and continue – he did nothing to help his son.

step momImage Credit: Facebook / Danielle DukeThe police believe that Duke hated the little boy and was extremely jealous because the boy’s father had the child with another woman. Duke and the boy’s father are both facing child abuse charges.

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